Ancient Olympia

The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia is lovely, with ancient stones refelecting the dappled light from the many trees. So there is shade, which lacks in a lot of such sites.
Sunset over the pool and terrace of the Taverna Bacchus, near Olympia.  gr18 091918330 k The pool is a little small, but very nice. But the water was  cold.  gr18 092009251 k View from the terrace of the Taverna Bacchus, where we ate each evening (three of them).  gr18 092009292 k The Archaeological Museum at Olympia is excellent. This is a hammered bronze figure with inlaid bone eyes, representing maybe Artemis, Nike or a Sphinx. It dates from 590-580 BCE.  gr18 092010413 k
A clay head of Athena from the beginning of the 5th c. BCE. Isn't she beautiful?  gr18 092010510 k This impressive statue of Nike (Athena as victory) was an offering to Zeus from the Messenians and Naupactians for their victory against the Spartans, probably in 421 BCE.  gr18 092010542 k Statues from one of the pediments of the Temple of Zeus, which we will see shortly.  gr18 092010561 s Close-up of the heavily-restored pediment.  gr18 092010580 s
These beautiful columns are probably part of the Palaestra, or wrestling school. It's all about sports, you remember.  gr18 092011310 k Another light-speckled ruin among the trees.  gr18 092011311 s x The Philippeion was a circular temple holding statues of Philip II of Macedon and his family, from around 330 BCE.  gr18 092011312 k The Temple of Hera, Queen of the gods and general pain in the ... to Zeus or any mortal female he seduced, be it her fault or not. Built around 590 BCE.  gr18 092011351 s-a
"Inside" the Temple of Hera.  gr18 092011450 k Another view of the Philippeion.  gr18 092011470 s The other end of the Temple of Hera, probably the main entrance.  gr18 092011471 k It's thattaway, the Temple of >Zeus.  gr18 092011490 k
Beautiful columns. We love columns. Doesn't everyone?  gr18 092011491 k The only still-standing column of the Temple of Zeus. Hard to imagine it entire, with the pediments we saw in the museum.  gr18 092011541 s-r-a The Temple of Zeus.  gr18 092011532 k Columns in the sun.  gr18 092012071 s rc
Columns in the shade. I said we love columns.  gr18 092012060 s-r Peekaboo.  gr18 092012090 s-r-cl This is a picture of the trees on the hillside, in particular, the different shades of green.  gr18 092012110 k a And as the sun sets of Olympia, we prepare fot  the next day's momentous drive.  gr18 092018310 k