Messinian peninsula

We spent five nights in a lovely (even, luxurious) hotel on the hill overlooking the Bay of Messina, with infinity pool and nearby beach.
View from our balcony across the Bay of Messina towards the Mani Peninsula on the other side.  gr17 092110290 s Sunrise over Mani and the Bay of Messina.  gr17 091806320 k We stayed at the Camvillia Resort, which has a lovely big pool.  gr17 092206371 k They also have a shuttle to take you down to the beach, 10 minutes away.  gr17 091810180 k rc
What is it about doing nothing?  gr17 091811190 k A floating Swede.  gr17 091810521 k The beach is below a steep incline, almost a cliff. Not to worry, there is an elevator!  gr17 091810542 k One more sunrise, with small clouds seeming to float above the bay.  gr17 091906310 k
Pool and bay.  gr17 091906372 k Siv at the nice restaurant down by the beach. They have good fish...  gr17 091913311 t asc ... and this nice cat, waiting for a handout.  gr17 091913551 t c View of the beach from the restaurant.  gr17 092113071 k
Clear water of the Bay of Messina.  gr17 092113041 k Moutains of Mani across the bay.  gr17 092113411 k Siv found the mountains of Mani to be very mysterious in the evening.  gr17 092118160 s The town of Koroni lies on a peninsula south of Camvillia.  gr17 092118171 s
View from the Camvillia restaurant.  gr17 092118481 s One more sunrise.  gr17 092206291 k Sunrise, bay and pool.  gr17 092206350 k The sun playing on the clear water of the Bay of Messina.  gr17 092209271 k
There were even wavelets one day.  gr17 092209350 k The highway north takes you to Athens in a few hours.  gr17 092213164 s