Archaea Nemea

Nemea was a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus and the site of biennial games like those in Olympos.
The temple of Zeus lies in a green valley among olive groves and vineyards.  gr17 091014170 k abc The grounds of Archaea Nemea are like a well-tended garden, with atmospheric columns in the background.  gr17 091013160 k In these baths, the oil, sweat and dust on the tired athletes' skin was scraped off and later used for medicinal purposes. (Yuk!)  gr17 091013202 k The Doric columns of the temple of Zeus, from the 4th c. BCE.  gr17 091013232 k
The columns were restored and erected by archaeologists from California.  gr17 091013262 k Nearby lies the apodyterium, where the athletes undressed and prepared for the games. The opening in the hill at the back leads to ...  gr17 091013520 s ... this tunnel, through which the athletes entered ...  gr17 091013543 s ... the stadium, which is 100m long from the starting line.  gr17 091013551 k
This tourist doesn't look in shape for a race.  gr17 091013571 s Oleander was blooming all over the Peloponnese, including alongside the Nemea stadium.  gr17 091014002 s The tunnel as it opens into the stadium.  gr17 091014010 s