Wilkommen in Brand!

Wilkommen in Brand  sj81 19a050 Our home away from home for 20 summers, Haus Kella Egg  br99 haus kellaegg 01 View from Haus Kella Egg of the Brandnertal (Brand Valley). Mottakopf (2176m) only seems to be so high because it is much closer than the three peaks to its left in the background. To the right, Panülerkopf (2859m).  sj96 55b018b b The three peaks, from left to right| Zirmenkopf (2806m), Wildberg (2788m), and Scesaplana (2965m), the highest in this area, the Rätikon Alps.  sj95 54b008 cb
Geological circus at the end of the Brandnertal  sj95 55a020 Panoramic view  br93 brandnertal pan Special ceremony honoring gussts of at least twenty years!  br91 ehrung a The sign says it all.  sj95 54a022
He can't wait. Is it for the gorgeous view from the terrace, the cold beer on tap, the crunchy salad, the tender steaks or the delicious desserts and ice-cream dishes?  sj95 54a023 This house is even older than we. And we are not sure it is still there.  sj80 18a017 b