Salta and Cafayate

After Jujuy, we drove south to Salta, where we ate the most wonderful steak we have ever tasted at Tio Jack's Restaurant. We also spent a day driving through incredible landscapes and rock formations to Cafayate to take a look at the vineyards -- and to sample the juice thereof.
sj79 43b044-ab In between Jujuy and Salta, the road climbs and goes through an area of jungle sj79 43b050-ab sj79 43b052-ab sj79 43b053-ab
sj79 43b054-ab sj79 43b055-ab sj79 43b057-ab sj79 43b059b-ab Colorful cliffs
El Obelisco is one of the wind-eroded rock formations that have been given names Dunes near Cafayate sj79 43b068-ba Salta Museum Nice house - People did not seem to be poor in Salta
Colonial Cabildo (18th c.) Street of Salta