Buenos Aires

We stayed with our friends Roberto and Marta in their apartment. But we spent almost every evening going out for drinks and ingredientes, then some sort of tango spectacle, followed by dinner near midnight -- with wonderful Argentine steaks!
Straight from the airport, we went to a wonderful restaurant on the Rio de la Plata. Marta and Roberto on the restaurant terrace Grilled ris de veau -- une d�lice! Friends at the Rio de la Plata Don't remember the name of this church in Buenos Aires.
A lovely tree-lined street in Buenos Aires A modest lady, Siv and Roberto in San Isidro We had a long evening with drinks, tango, drinks and then steaks back at the apraartment -- and Roberto was rather "round" La Recoleta Pretty church at La Recoleta
In the Recoleta Cemetery In the Recoleta Cemetery In the Recoleta Cemetery A celtic cross in the Recoleta Cemetery Cat in the Recoleta Cemetery
Plant-filled balconies of Buenos Aires A demonstration Siv and Roberto. We had many fun evenings sampling Argentinian gin! Marta, Argentinian gin and tonic, and Siv Roberto with gin and shtonic
Roberto and John getting happier A posh corner of Buenos Aires Roberto and Siv in front of the Parliament of Argentina Old and new Ornate art-deco cafe decoration
In the cafe Plaza de Mayo Plaza de Mayo and the Cabildo (on left) Demonstration by telephone workers The last day, writing post cards at the Cafe Victoria (La Recoleta)