Our animals
  First some history - Puppy & Mélisande

First of all, the wonderful friends of my childhood -
Sappo and Figaro (vite- Figge)

     Puppy & Mélisande - from New Rochelle, N.Y.
     to La Fontaine & rue Jean-Marie Jégo

  Siv and Puppy at la Fontaine in 1974

  Mélisande in New Rochelle - getting ready for the
  move back to Paris in July

Méli was quite a traveler, having crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the other direction in '72 and getting nearly lost under the seats of the passengers in the plane. She was born on a farm near Paris in December '70 and she was always with us, until the summer of '81. Puppy and she were the best of friends, as with all our cats and dogs.

  Mélisande at la Fontaine in 1974.

  This amazing cat developed into a  
  mouser after years of
apartment living. 
  No way you can beat instincts!

              John and Puppy, the latter about 4 months old,
              in rue Jean-Marie Jégo
- 1973

John and Puppy at La Fontaine - 1974
Puppy and Mélisande in rue Jean-Marie Jégo in 1974

Mélisande on the window sill at
rue Jean-Marie Jégo - 1973

Mélisande in 1973 - the setting sun is coming in through orange colored curtains at JMJ

  Lulu and Babish - from 1986

 Babish in the backyard in 1993. Babish and Lulu,
 our two girls, were the best of friends of course.

 Lulu on the speaker at rue Caillaux in 1981, at the
 time of the old cloth wall covering - brown it was!

 Lulu was going to be with us for 20 + years. It
 seems like a lifetime. There was always Lulu. She
 is still with us.

                  Lulu on the verandah table in 1999.

 Much water has gone under the bridge since the
 photo of little Lulu in rue Caillaux was taken. She
 is still little, but she has become an outdoor kitty,
 totally unafraid but extremely devoted to the
 parents she adopted on first sight, in a Paris
 apartment, Avenue d'Italie.

Lulu in the cherry tree - 1991
After we moved to Genas, she became an outdoor cat. This Japanese cherry tree was her favorite climbing tree and she climbed it until her last year.
      Lulu in high grass - 1991           

Lulu in the fall of 1995

      Babish and Siv on the terrace in 1987     Babish and Lulu on the sofa in 1997

on the staircase in 2001

Lulu on the beam in the back - 89  

Babish on the run in the backyard
- 87

Babish and Lotta - 1990

Babish with ball in the summer of 1997

Mackie & Lulu,  2001 - 2003

Lulu on the plan
t table in March 2001
This was one of her favorite places, particularly when the sun was coming through the French doors on that side of the house.  Innumerable pictures have been taken of Lulu sitting in the sun on the plant table.   

Mackie - Day 1 sitting beside John's desk chair

 Mackie is making friends with Lulu - again the first
 day on rue Léon Jouhaux.
 He is 4 months old - December '99


 Mackie and Lulu in 2001 with new
 primroses, just transported home from
 the woods.  Mackie is a bit over 1 year
 Lulu was a half-way out-door cat, but
usually stayed pretty close to home.

 Mackie and Lulu lived together for 2 years.
 Lulu became quite an outdoor kitty, but
 always a kitty since she weighed only about
 5 lbs, light as a feather.


Mackie and Siv - June '02

Mackie loves to have his stomach rubbed.
The orange sofa on the right is the regular
evening play place.

  Mackie and Lulu by the verandah in front of
  the bay bush and the rosemary - May '01

 Mackie wants to play but Lulu doesn't seem
 to be in a playful mood.

Figaro and Mackie from December 2001

 Figaro and Mackie are making acquaintance;
 one of the first evenings in Figge's new home
December 2001                                    
                  Figaro in December 2001
 God has moved into our house. I wonder if he
 knows already that he's going to be the boss in the
 family. He sets the laws, we obey.

Mackie and daisies in front yard - July 2001
  Figaro in the big pine tree - March 2002
  One of his many names is Greeneyes.

             Figaro on Siv's chair - June 2002  Mackie rolling over in the backyard, one of his great pleasures - Oct. 2001

Figaro and candle sticks on the piano
April 2002

Mackie in front of the big pine - Oct. 2002 Mackie and Figaro in front of the veranda - Mackie with his favorite ball - Nov. 2002


 Figaro on new/old kitchen table, 
finished, the middle drawer
 needed a lot of work and is here still
 in the process of being fixed.
 - January

 Figaro on the new kitchen cabinet
February 2003

 We moved our rose patch to ease
 things for the lawn-mower. Mackie
 is behind it all. May 30, 2004

Mackie in front
of the spreading 
in the back yard
  - October 2002

          Figaro on the verandah table
           - June 2002


  Figaro on the kitchen counter - October 2002

         Figaro on the gate post - October 2002
         Fusain (evergreen) in the background.


Figaro is trying to get at something
I think he got it!

Our golden boy - 2 years old
January 2002

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