Pasta with tomatos, spices and almonds

Pasta with tomatos, spices and almonds

Original recipe from John's sister Marjie and her husband, Joe. Thanks, y'all.

This is an easy dish. The recipe can be varied by changing the spices. Marjie and Joe sometimes use oregano. All quantities are gross estimations, assuming two persons. They change every time.

quantity ingredient instruction
While water is heating for the pasta, mix the following together in a serving bowl
2 tomatos Cut in two, remove all the seeds and soft stuff and cut the shell into small pieces.
a large handfullfresh basil leavescut or chop into small pieces
some (How's that for precision?)flaked almonds
1 tspcapersMore if you like. Siv does.
enougholiveto moisten it all and coat the pasta
Cook pasta, drain and pour over tomato-spice mixture in bowl. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and eat.

Bon appetit!

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