Eggplant and tomatoes, version 2 (spicier)

Again, this is a modified version of a recipe I found on-line, in French, on the site of Miss Bonbon (love that name, "Miss Candy"). The original is a sweet-and-sour recipe, which uses onions caramelized with honey, which sounds yummy. I must try her version one day. In the meantime, here is mine. It is easy because you cook the eggplant first in a microwave (without having to "sweat" it) and you use canned tomato.

quantity ingredient instruction
eggplant, medium
Slice in two along long axis and cook about 8 minutes in microwave oven.
onion, medium, diced
Sauter until tender. One minute before end, add
garlic clove, minced
(Size according to your taste; I use a big one.) Let cook with onions only until it starts to smell good.
1/2 can

grossly diced tomatoes, without peel or pulp
Add to onion-garlic mixture
pinch to 1/2 tsp, according to
ground cumin,
grated fresh ginger
Add and stir

Remove aubergine from peels and slice into pieces; add to tomato-onion mixture.
Acc. taste
cheese in small pieces (I use goat cheese)
Sitr into mixture

Either put the mixture back into the skins in a dish (I find this to be a pain), or just put it in a dish.

grated cheese
Sprinkle over the top

Put into 200C oven and cook 15-20 minutes.

This also is very good with basmati rice or even just good bread (Indian or French)

Bon appetit.

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