Sud Schafgafal

Sud Schafgafal from Douglas Hütte

The walk to the Sud Schafgafall peek starts at the Douglass Hütte. As you walk across the dam, you can immediately see where you're going. Don't be discouraged; it's easier than it looks.

Go up the path around the east side of the Lünersee and when you pass the instrument to measure something-or-other, go thru the gate and turn up left towards the Lünerkrinne. You'll probably miss the turnoff up left towards the Süd Schafgafal and have to go back to get to it, but that doesn't matter. This is not a marked path, nor does it show on the walking maps. So be careful. If you fall and break something, we most definitely did not recommend that you go there. ;-)

Starting out
Going on

Right at the ridge corresponding to the Lünerkrinne, there are often marmots, so be quiet approaching it -- and good luck. The piece of path just after this is very narrow and crosses a slope with practically no foothold. Trittsicherheit (being sure-footed) is very erforderlich (necessary). We call it "the hairy spot".

The "hairy spot"

Going up

After that, you're pretty much home free. It's about another hour's gradual climb up the mountainside to the top. The path is not marked. At first, head for the large outcropping of rock on the right. From there, or before, you should see cairns set up by previous hikers to mark where you can walk.

The view from the peak is quite breathtaking: south over the Lünersee, north to the Saulakopf and Zimba, east towards the Golmer-Höhe-Weg and the Geissspitze -- and down towards the parking lot at the foot of the Lünerseebahn. It's about 1000 meters down and the cliff is steep, so don't lean over too far.

View north towards Zimba Bird

There are some convenient spots to sit and eat your sandwich and admire the view. We've never figured out what the beat-up antenna is at the top. If you find out, let us know.

The walk back down is much easier than the walk up, tho it can be hard on out-of-shape knees, so don't make this your first walk in Brand this year. Also be careful, it's slippery in places.

Looking back

View of Lüersee

We recommend a beer and a Schnaps at the Douglass-Hütte afterwards. The Kaiserschmarren is quite good there, too. :-) 

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