Obere Sonnenlagant-Alp

This walk starts about half-way up the road from Brand towards the Lünerseebahn. It's usually easy to park your car, either just before or after the bridge, if not too many people want to make the walk on the same day. The walk is well marked and starts by going up across a meadow, over a rill and then thru some pretty woods.

Afterwards, it starts climbing in earnest. The views down the valley and up towards the "circus" at the south end of it are splendid.

Obere Sonnenlagantweg

Near the top, the path passes thru some higher vegetation, which tends to be warm, and then thru some piled-up rocks. There are often Turkenbund (tall, speckled orange lilies), growing in this area, lots of them. In fact, they are almost enough to justify the walk. The views do the rest. And...

Obere Sonnenlagant Weg

Türkenbund lily

There are sheep all over the Alp usually, clustered around the cabin, which is usually locked. They're very friendly sheep. We once picked our way thru the sheep to admire the view. When we turned around we discovered a 100 or so sheep admiring us! Talk about, "Do you ever feel like you're being watched?" There is (or at least was) a picnic table, which is handy.

Sheep Friendly sheep

The walk back down is very pretty, with many lovely views. If your'e not in shape, tho, it can be hard on the knees.

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