Glinga Weg to Brüggele Alps

This walk can be about as easy or as challenging as you want, depending simply on how far you go. It's an easy to walk up to the Glingabrunnen (Glinga Spring). It's nicer and still easy to go on up to the Zalimtal. It's nicer yet to go on the the Untere Brüggele Alp for some milk and to see the baby cats often found there. If you like, you can go on up to the Obere Brüggele Alp for more exercise an for more beautiful views.

One can walk, take the bus or drive to the southern end of town; cars can be left at the parking lot at the foot of the Zalimweg. Walk up the Zalimweg along the stream to where the path turns abruptly right and the Glingaweg goes up some wooden steps and continues along the stream. Go up the steps.

The Glingaweg climbs to the Zalimtal by going alongside the stream which comes partly from the spring (Glingabrunnen) at the top. On a hot, sunny day, it's a great way to cool off from the shade and the natural air-conditioning from the stream. And it's beautiful. Of course, the waterfalls are mostly artificial, built to prevent flash flooding by the stream. They're pretty anyway and one is accompanied all the way by the lovely sound of the flowing water..

Glingaweg Glingabrunnen

It's a beautiful short hour's walk (more like 40 minutes) up to the spring, which is very pretty, set in a shady, wooded glade. Siv thinks the Glingabrunnen is peaceful in a way that mostly goes along with childhood memories, so different from these days of loud noise and fast moving objects. It's also a nice place to rest and eat your sandwich, especially if you're not going any further, in which case you then can either go back down the same way or go back down a bit and cut over to the road on the Zalimweg.

We highly recommend walking on up to the Zalimtal, about another 10-minute walk. It's well worth the 10 minutes. The Zalimtal is wide and flat-bottomed and very green and beautiful on a clear, sunny day. The view towards Scesaplana and Panüler-Kopf is gorgeous.

Zalimtal Untere Brüggele  Alp

Turn left on the road (Zalimweg). From here, you can either follow the road to the Untere Brüggele Alp, or cut across the green, flowered fields, but we can't explain just where to do this. The Alp is a set of farm buildings enclosed by a wooden-post fence. You can buy delicious, fresh milk and sausage (or beer). The Alp used to be run by an elderly man with a handsome, long beard, but I think he has retired since then. There are picnic tables where you can sit to eat and there are often kittens playing around under the tables.

It's about another hour (or a bit less) up the rather steep dirt road to the Obere Brüggele Alp. Most of it is thru pine woods which are quite pretty -- and warm. At the top are a recently refurbished house and some farm buildings. It's rare to meet anyone else there (It's never happened to us.) and it's a beautiful spot. The view is gorgeous down the Zalim and Brand Valleys and on to the mountains on the other side of Bludenz. There is fresh water from the well and a lovely view of the Zalimtal. It's an excellent goal for a day's walk.

Ober Brüggele Alp
Obere Brüggele  Alp
View from Obere Brüggele Alp toward Bludenz

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