Road to Orchha

The road from Gwalior to Orchha is awful, at least as bad as roads we had previously thought to be the worst, in Tamil Nadu. Little did we know what awaited us...
A market is overshadowed by one of many ads we saw for apartments to be constructed. There was indeed a building boom taking place in India. One can't help wondering how well the buildings will be built.  in14 020111330 j One of the nicer apartment buildings along the road.  in14 020111342 j Well loaded trailer.  in14 020111391 j Cars swerving to avoid deep potholes in the rain. The road was an obstacle course.  in14 020111540 j Bridge already breaking up.  in14 020111560 j
Typical pothole. We were told the roads were badly built because the builders pocket much of the fees the gummint pays them.  in14 020111580 j