Day 2

In the morning of our second day, a Sunday, we visited the wonderful archeological museum. Later, we went to the Suleinamiye Mosque, but were unable to enter because of prayer and did not feel like waiting. So we walkded down through a populaire residential area of old wooden houses and to the Spice Market.
tk12 052711211 s  Old sculpture of a horse from ancient Anatolia tk12 052711310 s  A cat, similar to ancient Egyptian ones tk12 052711230 j  Tiled lions from the Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon (-6th c.) - near-mythic stuff here tk12 052711340 j  Tourist and tiled lions
tk12 052711350 s  Beautiful colors of a Babylon tiled lion tk12 052711360 s  And a horse tk12 052711450 j  A monster, part serpent, part unicorn and part bird tk12 052711520 j  Relief showing a meal in ancient Anatolia during the late Hittite Period (-9th c.)
tk12 052711540 s  Lion, also late Hittite tk12 052711582 j  War chariot, late Hittite - They really existed! tk12 052712140 s  Late hittite Buck tk12 052712170 s  Ancient ceramic bowls
tk12 052712261 s  Roman statue of the Egyptian god Bes, protector of households, although he looks more daunting here. tk12 052712290 s  A royal sarcophagus from ancient Sidon (-5th c.) tk12 052712293 j  Harpies on the sarcophagus tk12 052712312 j  Must be the death of Socrates
tk12 052712341 j  The so-called Alexander Sarcophagus (-4th c.) tk12 052712360 s  Battle scene on the Alexander Sarcophagus tk12 052712380 j  Lion attacking horse - some traces of the original paint still visible tk12 052712491 s  School kids on a museum outing
tk12 052716540 s  Suleimaniye Camii (mosque) and minaret tk12 052717010 s  Court of the Suleimaniye Camii tk12 052717030 s  Dome of Suleimaniye Camii tk12 052716590 j  Suleimaniye Camii entrance court
tk12 052717230 j  Old houses near Suleimaniye Camii tk12 052717240 j  Swedish tourist admiring old wooden Istanbul houses tk12 052717241 s  The characteristic bay windows of Istanbul's old wooden houses tk12 052717251 s  Not a bourgeois neighborhood, but colorful
tk12 052717291 s  Colored houses tk12 052717310 s  More old Istanbul houses tk12 052717390 s  Dish antenna on old house tk12 052717420 s aa  Steep street leading up one of Istabul's seven hills
tk12 052717440 s  Fancier old house, Renaissance looking tk12 052717560 j  Market street near the Spice Market tk12 052717550 j  Colorful beaded curtains tk12 052717580 s  Looking up at the beautiful R�stem Pasha Camii (visited last year)
tk12 052717580 s cr  Looking up at the beautiful R�stem Pasha Camii (visited last year)