Day 2

Friday, we drove down to the Soğanlı Valley, where we took a really fun walk along the side of the valley. After lunch in Soğanli, we drove back to Göreme, stopping on the way at the Keşlik Monastery, the town of Mustafapaşa, the astounding Devrent Valley and the equally amazing Zelve Fairy Chimneys
tk12 060110530 j a  Beautiful Turkish landscape south of Ürgüp Cappadocia  The road descends into a cliff-lined valley. tk12 060111250 s a  Yilanyi Kilise, the Snake Church or the St-George Church, in the Soğanlı Valley Cappadocia  Courtyard of the Yilanyi Kilise
Cappadocia  Wall paintings inside the church, with colors almost as fresh as the day they were painted Cappadocia  Closeup Cappadocia  Our driver, who spoke no English, dropped us off at the end of the road into the Soğanlı  Valley and we walked into the trees and across the river and back to town on the bank of the valley. "Over the river and through the woods..." It was a lovely walk. Cappadocia  Herself and her Turkish knapsack
Cappadocia  Path along the side of the Soğanlı Valley tk12 060111390 s a  Trees grow only near the river Cappadocia  Trees near the river Cappadocia  Siv making her way up the path (and taking pictures). It was raining lightly as we started out and, since our driver spoke no English, we were quite suspicious of the whole thing. But the weather gradually cleared up and we had a lovely and fascinating walk. Just  right for seniors like us.
Cappadocia  Other caves across the valley and road tk12 060111430 s a  Other caves across the valley and road Cappadocia  The Kubbeli Kilise, or Dome Church Cappadocia  Swedish tourist in the Kubbeli Kilise
tk12 060111511 s r a  Kubbeli Kilise tk12 060111540 s a  Sakli Kilise, the Hidden Church tk12 060111550 s a  The Dome Church should really be called the Dome Churches, as the rock is honeycombed with holes. Cappadocia  American tourist in Hidden Church (?)
Cappadocia  Hidden Church (?) tk12 060112010 s a  View down the valley (downstream) Cappadocia  Other carved churches Cappadocia  Probably the Karabaş Kilise
tk12 060112130 s a  Getting close to town Cappadocia  Coming down into the town, such as it is Cappadocia  Mesa looming over the town of Soğanlı tk12 060112221 s a  Mesa looming over the town of Soğanlı
Cappadocia  Old wooden bridge over the river Cappadocia  Antique City of Sobesos, near someplace or other Cappadocia  Mosaics in Sobesos tk12 060113540 s a  Mosaics in Sobesos
Cappadocia  Yellows amid old stones Cappadocia  Ruins of Sobesos Cappadocia  Ruins of Sobesos Cappadocia  Plowed field
Cappadocia  Keşlik Monastery, dug out in the 13th c. Cappadocia  Wall painting in the Keşlik Monastery church Cappadocia  Keşlik Monastery Cappadocia  More marvelous wall paintings
Cappadocia  Refectory of Keşlik Monastery tk12 060115040 s r  St-Constantine-and-St-Helena Church in the former Greek city of Mustafapaşa tk12 060115050 s a  The church doorway is decorated with grape-vine motifs. Cappadocia  Closeup of grape-vines
Cappadocia  St-Constantine-and-St-Helena Church, interior Cappadocia  On the way back, we stopped in the astonishing Devrent Valley, with its myriad of wildly-shaped rock formations. tk12 060115270 j  Devrent Valley Cappadocia  Devrent Valley's balanced stones
Cappadocia  Animalish-looking formation in the Devrent Valley Cappadocia  Devrent Valley - paths galore Cappadocia  Funny rocks Cappadocia  Devrent Valley and paths
tk12 060115401 s a  Is it a bird? It sure is not Superman. Cappadocia  Devrent Valley Cappadocia  The other side of the road Cappadocia  Rocks eroded into raunchy forms...
tk12 060115502 s aa  Is that a pelican? Cappadocia  Devrent Valley Cappadocia  On the road to Zelve tk12 060116110 s aa  The truly astonishing fairy chimneys of Zelve Open-Air Museum
Cappadocia  The truly astonishing fairy chimneys of Zelve Open-Air Museum Cappadocia  Fairy chimneys at Zelve Open-Air Museum tk12 060116151 s a  Zelve Open-Air Museum tk12 060116160 s a  Zelve's fairy chimneys are in a circus, or arc, formed by the hills above and around
Cappadocia  Three-headed fairy chimney Cappadocia  Zelve Open-Air Museum Cappadocia  One of the rock-carved churches in Zelve Cappadocia  Camel and tourist -- frankly, which one looks more bored?
tk12 060116240 s a  Zelve Open-Air Museum Cappadocia  Zelve Open-Air Museum Cappadocia  Chimney and hill tk12 060116290 s a  Zelve Open-Air Museum
Cappadocia  Flat tops Cappadocia  Hillside chimneys Cappadocia  Chimneys in a side valley Cappadocia  The site of the Zelva Open-Air Museum