Day 1

The first day, a Thursday, we did not go far. John took a walk in the morning. In the afternoon, our wonderful host, Mustafa, drove us up to the G�reme Open Air Museum.
tk12 053110030 j a  Morning light on fairy chimneys tk12 053110040 j a  Hills and rocks tk12 053110171 j a  Strange landscape tk12 053110172 j a  Close-up
tk12 053110200 j a  View of the Uçhisar "castle" in the distance tk12 053110201 j a  A house among the chimneys tk12 053110420 j  Göreme's "Roman Castle", a Roman tomb cut into a fairy chimney tk12 053117451 j  Convent carved out of the rock, Göreme Open-Air Museum
tk12 053117370 j rca  Tourist inside one of the carved churches tk12 053117371 j  Actually, we were not supposed to take this, but did not yet know about it; besides, no flash. tk12 053117550 j  Swedish tourist at the Göreme Open-Air Museum tk12 053118013 j  Convent and rocks in the evening sunlight
tk12 053118015 j  Towards the "Dark church", the large opening one floor up on the middle-left tk12 053118092 j  Inside a smaller chapel tk12 053118101 j  Small church tk12 053118161 j  Karanlık Kilise, or Dark Church
tk12 053118192 j  incredibly fresh-looking wall paintings (not really frescoes) inside the Karanlık Kilise tk12 053118194 j  Karanlık Kilise tk12 053118251 j  Steep stairs leading up to another rock-cut chapel tk12 053119140 j  Sunset from the roof of the Arch Palace Hotel
tk12 053119470 j  Sunset from the roof of the Arch Palace Hotel