Istanbul - Beyoğlu

Beyoğlu is the part of Istanbul on the European side and north of the bay known as the Golden Horn. We went up there twice, once with public transportation and once on a bus tour.
Istanbul - Beyoğlu  View from the tram on Galata Bridge of Topkapi Palace across the Golden Horn Istanbul - Beyoğlu  Mosaic in the Kabataş underground station. From here, there is an underground cable car up to Taksim Square. Istanbul - Beyoğlu  The wheel pulling the cable for the Kabataş-Taksim funicular Istanbul - Beyoğlu  Trees at dusk in Taksim Park
Istanbul - Beyoğlu  We enjoyed some tea in an outdoor café in Taksim Park, overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul - Beyoğlu  From Taksim Square, we caught the old tram which runs down İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) Istanbul - Beyoğlu  İstiklâl Caddesi, a pedestrian street, runs from Taksim Square down to Galata Istanbul - Beyoğlu  We were tempted by the mezes (appetizers, rather like Spanish tapas) in a side-street restaurant, the Maya, so we settled in for the eveing.
Istanbul - Beyoğlu  We were served a delicious meal by Mustafa, our waiter, who was really nice with us -- especially after Siv was so nice to him. Istanbul - Beyoğlu  The historic İstiklal tram runs the length of İstiklal Caddesi Istanbul - Beyoğlu  İstiklal Caddesi by night. After having eaten and drunk both copiously and well, we walked back down the avenue. Istanbul - Beyoğlu  At the southern end of İstiklal Caddesi, another funicular runs down to Tünel, from which it is a 1-minute walk to the tram back across the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn and on to our hotel.
Istanbul - bus tour  Another day, we walked down to Aya Sofia and took a bus tour, in order to take in the layout of the city. We came to know this part of the city quite well, roaming it in search of the nicest restaurants. Istanbul - bus tour  View of the Bosphorus Bridge from the bus Istanbul - bus tour  Crossing the Galata Bridge, where there are always men fishing, with a view of the Bosphorus to the right. Istanbul - bus tour  Taksim Square is the heart of modern Istanbul and is quite a bit uphill from the coast.
Istanbul - bus tour  Republic Monument at Taksim Square, the northern end of İstiklal Caddesi. The towers and dome on the left are the Greek Orthodox church, Aya Triada Kilisesi Istanbul - bus tour  Odd the way the paint was peeling on these buildings Istanbul - bus tour  The rooftops of Istanbul Istanbul - bus tour  Süleymaniye Mosque seen while crossing back over the Golden Horn on Ataturk Bridge
Istanbul - bus tour  Hillside graves near Eyüp, as far north as the bus tour went Istanbul - bus tour  The city wall of old istanbul, built in the 5th century, stretches for about 7km along what was then the western edge of the city. Istanbul - bus tour  Along the wall of Theodosius II are many towers. In between the wall and the road are gardens. Istanbul - bus tour  Identical apartment blocks just inside the wall
Istanbul - bus tour  Fresh produce for sale from gardens along the wall Istanbul - bus tour  Fresh fish for sale in a market at Kumkapi, on the Marmora Sea