As Europe's largest active volcano, Etna is a must see. And the landscape and many beautiful flowers growing there are testimony to the fertility of the volcanic soil.
si13 052914500 j  Etna viewed across the vineyards si13 052915401 j  Closer up, with volcanic rocks (what else?) si13 052915420 j a  Closer up si13 052915540 s  The Rifugio Sapienza, with rocks from the eruption of 2003
si13 052915570 j  View from the Rifugio Sapienza towards Catania and the coast si13 052915580 j b  Wild volcanic landscape si13 052916000 j  Abrupt crags si13 052916421 j  The nearby Silvestri Craters were formed in 1892.
si13 052916540 s  Yellow-barked trees si13 052917024 j  The volcanic soil is very fertile and flowers abound. si13 052917070 j  Flowers and rocks si13 052917060 s a  Dark volcanic soil and flowers