We toured Patan one day from Kathmandu. The museum there is wonderul.
Patan has a Durbar Square too Krishna Temple Statue of Ganga on a tortoise in Mul Chowk Jagannarayan Temple
Durbar Square Another view of the Durbar Square Krishna Mandir Golden Gate, or Sun Dhoka, of the Royal Palace
Golden Gate, detail Krishna Mandir, with Garuda, Vishnu's mount; Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu Two elephants guard the Vishwanath Temple Manga Hiti, water source
Street leading to Golden Temple Carved columns Golden Temple, or Hiranya Varna, or Suwarna Mahavira, a Buddhist monastery Golden Temple
Golden Temple Golden Temple The Golden Temple well deservies its name Golden Temple
Elephants in the Golden Temple Metal elephants Room in the monastery Metal bird
Golden statue A mythical beast guards the Golden Temple Silver in the Golden Temple The Patan Museum, in the Royal Palace
Patan Museum courtyard Shiva (Mahesvara) and Parvati (Uma), in the Patan Museum (Nepal, 12th c.) Shiva and Parvati (Nepal, 13th-14th c.) Four-faced Shiva linga in the Patan Museum (Nepal, 17th-18th c.)
Ganesha (Nepal, 17th-18th c.) Vishnu on the sunbird (Nepal, 17th-18th c.) Fluting Vishnu on Garuda (Nepal, 17th-18th c.) Vishnu and Lakshmi, two gods in one (Nepal, 14th-15th c.)
Lady's hand mirror, bronze disk with ivory handle (Nepal, 1733) Courtyard of the museum Hanuman and Bhairava, two gods in one Padmasambhava (Tibet, 17th c.)
Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha (Nepal, 12th c.) Varjasattva (the sixth Buddha) and Prajna (Nepal, 1859) Padmapani Lokeshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion (Nepal, 16th-17th c.) Puzzling figures, probably from the Nepalese hill regions
More puzzling figures Another puzzling figure A magnificent Shakyamuni Buddha (Nepal, 17th-18th c.). The statue is not poured, but made of sheets of hammered copper. The museum's garden restaurant, a great place to rest and recover