Activities with the Deva International Society for Child Care, Varanasi
Starting the morning with the staff and children of the Deva Center Sharma, Saxena, Shyamjee and Tulsi Siv and Deepika (Mrs Tulsi) during English-teaching workshop Siv and Deepika
Conversation Answering the question Laughing Vimla gave Siv the book!
Smiles Laughter More smiles The DISCC Team (+ Siv)
Updadhyaya and Siv at Ashapur Center for leprosy victims Ashapur Center for leprosy victims Ramesh bandages a leprosy victim A leprosy victim waits his turn patiently
Cultivated field at Ashapur Another leprosy victim Ramesh and Upadhyaya at Ashapur Vajra Vidya Monastery (Buddhist) at Sarnath
Vajra Vidya Monastery Vajra Vidya Monastery, interior These instruments sounded and looked like medieval sackbuts Huge horns
Siv, Santosh and mandala Care room at Sankat Mochan Center for victims of leprosy A helping hand Shy
Woman and baby at Sankat Mochan Laughing in spite of it all Sankat Mochan Center Mr.Arjun Sharma,Vice president of the Ashram of Sankat Mochan, in assembly hall
Painting the sikhara at Sankat Mochan Man and wife at Sankat Mochan Upadhyaya after his work Durga Temple, Varanasi
Mother and baby Monkeys Monkeys all over Painting the gate at Sankat Mochan
Gangotri School chidren and Deepika Vimla and child at Gangotri School Siv and child at Gangotri School I have the answer! Me, too!
Fun! Dancin' Dancin' some more Nagwa, outside the Gangotri School
Ambedkar School's older (CEP) children Ambedkar School Children at Ambedkar School Ambedkar School
Writin' Ambedkar School The village where the Ambedkar School is located Village
Presentations of garlands Kids in open classroom Tulsi the artist The village's spiritual leader with Jean-Max and Siv
Jean-Max and Munilal's grandmother Village kids Waving goodbye Siv and CEP student
Siv and CEP students