We spent a night in Dhulikhel to look at the mountain view. It's a great hotel and gave us a much-needed rest.
Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, a lovely hotel in a beautiful and quiet setting View from the hotel View from the hotel Terracing
Actually, it's too much terracing, as it facilitates erosion. Our room, looking out Our room, looking in (We promise, no more room shots...) The terrace of the restaurant
A happy tourist! It's a walk up to the restaurant Dawn (05:55) Clouds in the valley
Clouds below us With some imagination, you can see mountains out there There are mountains out there A last look
Nearby terraces More terraces Playing a game in the town of Dhulikhel Dhulikhel, Newari architecture
Dhulikhel A town on the way back to Kathmandu Market  where we bought bananas A typically loaded bus