In Agdz, we stayed in a lovely guest house in the crumbling ksar, a really sad but very romantic site.
Agdz  Garden of Dar Kamar Guest House Agdz  The dog at Dar Kamar was called Oban, because the owner likes Scotch whiskey, American jazz, French wine and cooking and cats. Obviously, a nice guy. Agdz  In the ksar of Agdz Agdz  Palms in the palmeraie (oasis) of Agdz
Agdz  Jebel (Mount) Kissane seen from Agdz oasis Agdz  Oasis of Agdz Agdz  In the ruined ksar of Agdz, a sad sight/site Agdz  In the ksar of Agdz
Agdz  Man and mule cart in Agdz ksar Agdz  Agdz street Agdz  Kasbah along the piste to Tamnougalt, Mount Kissane in the background Agdz  Curious bush
Agdz  Flowers of the bush Agdz  We met Mohammed (the bigger) and his friend who proposed we come with them for a promenade "au jardin", meaning in the oasis. We wandered around with them for over a half hour. Charming young men. Agdz  In the oasis Ksar of Tamnougalt  One can see here some of the intricacy of the channels that have been prepared to water the oasis
Agdz  Tourist with Mohammed and friend. Mohammed even invited us to his house for tea. Agdz  Looking over a wall into the yard of Mohammed's house and at his dogs Agdz  In the ksar Agdz  Abandonned kasbah
Agdz  Downtown Agdz Agdz  Central square of Agdz Agdz  Central square of Agdz