Train Safari

We took advantage of the hotel's offer of a "train safari", in fact, a ride on the Udaipur-Jodhpur local train through the hills from Khamblighat to Phulad.
Train arriving in Khamblighat, where a jeep from the hotel deposited us along with a hotel staff member as guide All aboard, and we are off, with the smoke from the engine obscuring the view of a small hilltop temple. Going by a small lake. Dry hills and a distant lake
Hills and tree Some of our companions on the trip, cheery young men from the area. The two on the right spoke a little english. Along the tracks, steps leading down to a small, rock-bound stream Stream flowing over rocks
Entering one of several tunnels along the route Looking across a valley and along the tracks to the next small town, with a railroad bridge on the left Train and bridge shadows on another stream in the rocks Nice landscape
Mountains and lake Ladies getting off the train and carrying their affairs on their heads John and friends met on the train, on arrival in Phulad The hotel jeep had driven around the route and met us in Phulad with tea and biscuits -- and a delegation of langur monkies.
Siv feeding a pair of langurs