Gingee Fort

A fort complex founded by the Vijahanagars in the 15th century, later conquered by Muslims, Mughals, French and British
Krishnagiri Hill The walk up to Krishnagiri Hill Top of Krishnagiri Hill Steep walk up the wall
Zoom to top of Krishnagiri Hill Chandrayandurg seen from the Krishnagiri HIll (not the top) From Krishnagiri Hill Rajagiri citadel viewed from Krishnagiri Hill
Kalyana Mahal The twenty-meter-thick wall and moat Rajagiri Citadel Monkey
Monkies Another monkey Indian tourists Indian tourists
Small Indian tourists The climb up Krishnagiri Hill The Indians don't mind the 35�C heat On to the top
School children visiting the site Battlements and moat Top of Rajagiri Citadel Chandrayandurg
Rajagiri Venkatarama Temple Venkatarama Temple Looks almost like a theater
Rajagiri and Kalyana Mahal Kalyana Mahal Porters Carrying produce in the shadow of Gingee Fort's Rajagiri citadel
Working in the fields below Gingee Fort's Krishnagiri summit