Dawn in Varanasi

Dawn over the Ganga
That's a toothbrush lying next to him. Most Indians clean their teeth with a stick. As the day arrives, the beggars are already at their posts at Assi Ghat. A flower seller. Business must be slow. A worshipper
At 6:10, it's getting brighter. It looks like it feels good. Now (6:46) it's getting higher. At 6:16, the color is richer.
Muslims seem to enjoy the beginning of the day, too; perhaps a mark of Varanasi's religious mix, where a Muslim can also venerate a Hindu god. At 6:29, a worshipper offers a libation to the holy river. A real lotus position The evening before, at 17:30, the moon "swims like a silver boat" over the Ganga, as seen from Meer Ghat.
These ladies were sitting in a circle and singing. Another day, this time at Assi Ghat, the moon floats in the western sky at 5:45. Flower sellers at Assi Ghat at 6:44. At 6:06, the sun appears.
Boats waiting for customers In another, more Wagnerian, context this would be "Heil dir, Sonne.". Goats eat anything. The 6:44 sun seen from Assi Ghat
Bathing Brahmins Fishermen and net A gleam in the sky at 6:05, still seen from Meer Ghat At 6:23, boats are out.