Varanasi - morning scenes

Scenes viewed from our hotel balcony
Looking toward Assi Ghat (behind the trees) The white building with the pyramids is a multi-confessional ashram. Assi Road and the entrance to the yard in front of our hotel (Temple on Ganges) The yard. I estimated the well in the lower-right-hand corner to be almost 10 meters deep and the bucket to weigh about 5 kg.
Contented cows in the morning Ladies chatting in the morning (7:20) sun Drawing water from the well ... ... for his morning shower
School children Young and old So do we! A lady draws water from the well ...
... and pours it into her bucket. The ashram awakes ... ... stretches .... ... and brushes teeth
I'm not sure he agrees A shiny new rickshaw gets polished An assistant arrives .. ... and helps get it going.
Off for the day on motorcycles Colorful young ladies Two atypical Indian doggies ran up the stairs to the roof School children in uniform and a balloon seller
More dog play And another rickshaw arrives Yet another type of vehicle Off to school
A morning men's chat Beasts of burden Some are just arriving Uh-oh, he's striding along like he's late.
Matinal cows Another rickshaw heading for work The mystery bird If anybody knows what this bird is, please let me know. It doesn't have the wing stripes of a hoopoe.
Mystery bird and cow Kids taking care of each other ... ... or playing ... ... or playing with dogs
Get 'em, kid A child gets up Spreading out grain to dry in the sun Children
Flying a kite Dancing to keep it in the air Hold on Kite back down