Dawn on the Ganga Harishchandra Ghat, one of the two burning (cremation) ghats, named for the legendary king who worked at a cremation site in order to show his piety and devotion Sunrise on the Ganga. The first boats are already out. Digpatia Ghat is to the left of the white building; Chaumsathi, just to its right.
Dashashvamedh Ghat The Ganga in the morning at Dashashvamedh Ghat Greens seller Flower seller at Dashashvamedh Ghat
Worshippers A worshipper View south from Dashashvamedh Ghat Old haveli at Darabhanga Ghat
Freshly-washed saris drying in the sun Dhobi wallahs Cow pies drying, to be used as fuel Street near Assi Ghat
View of square in front of Temple on Ganges Hotel, at Assi Ghat Street barbers at Assi Ghat Worshippers at Assi Ghat on Shivaratri (festival day) Chet Singh's palace on the eponymous ghat
Central ghats Vijayanagaram and Kedar Ghats Pilgrims on a boat ride Ranamahal Ghat on the left
Crowds at Dashashvamedh Ghat Swimmin' in the Ganga Dashashvamedh Ghat Rajendra Prasad Ghat
A sadhu Idols Cow at the top of the ghat Narrow street in the market area
Tailors in a narrow street Narrow street Standing in llne for the Golden Temple on Shivaratri Small temple with priest
Small temple around a sacred tree Dashashvamedh Ghat Road Cow in the middle of Gaudalia Crossing Early morning at Assi Ghat
Kids playing in the morning at Assi Ghat Assi Ghat Early morning worshipper ... and his best friend Extracting the juice from sugar cane
Small park (closed) Varanasi traffic Varanasi traffic Varanasi traffic