On the road

We drove from Varanasi to Khajuraho and from Jaipur to Delhi
Near the border between Uttar and Madhya Pradesh. Red dust covered everything along the roadside. A small town in Madhya Pradesh where we stopped to buy fruit Indian trucks are something else! It's a Tata
Village girls wearing colored saris As there were 4 of us and the driver, we travelled in a Qualus. The four-lane highway from Jaipur to Delhi A well loaded cart
Hi-tech and lo. Which one pollutes less? Passing Brick factories abound on the countryside. You never need to go far to get your bricks. Couple on motorbike
A religious festival takes to the highway. Apparently ISO 9001 says you should honk your horn -- Indian drivers do! Note the folded-in rear view mirror -- to be able to fit through narrower places! An old truck
Another Tata