Ferry to Amorgos

The ferry to Amorgos was small and gave us a feeling for the "real" thing. But it was a long ride.
A small chapel on an island in the port of Chora, with the Temple of Apollo in the background. Two very different religions...  gr15 091213470 j Almost everybody sat outdoors on this ferry, the Skopelitis of the Small Cyclades Lines.  gr15 091214061 j The baggage room. Luggage was also piled up on the staircase, which would have been illegal in some other countries we know.  gr15 091214390 j Leaving the harbor  gr15 091214130 j
Adieu to Naxos  gr15 091214150 j This might be Plaka Beach, where we stayed.  gr15 091214561 j The boat left just after lunch and took all afternoon to get to Amorgos because it stopped at several small islands along the way. This might be the smallest, Iraklia.  gr15 091215410 j No, this one, Schinoussa, is probably smaller.  gr15 091215591 j
A series of islands  gr15 091216051 j c Small church and windmill on the third island, Koufonissi.  gr15 091216450 j Compared to the last two islands, Koufonissi is a big place.  gr15 091216460 j Harbor of Koufonissi  gr15 091216471 j
Dramatic cliff  gr15 091217020 j Finally, approaching Amorgos, the most mountainous island we visited.  gr15 091219150 j Looking back at the sunset.  gr15 091219230 j Rounding the point to enter Aigiali Bay, the weather is already less sunny.  gr15 091219320 j rca
Entering Aigiali Bay, with our huge hotel complex on the left looking over the bay.  gr15 091219350 j